A IS FOR ANTHRAX: #4 in a series of pop culture primers

The latest Abecedarium comes from writer/heavy-metal fan Rebecca Rogers Maher

She notes: "This is by no means a representative sample of heavy metal bands. It's just an alphabetical list of bands I like, or hate, or could make a rhyme with." 

A is for ANTHRAX. They bring the noise. 

B's for BON JOVI: Rich Jersey Boys

C's for CHEVELLE, who send pain below

D is for DANZIG: Short guy on a throne

E is for EXODUS: Godfathers of thrash

F's FAITH NO MORE: They think Wolfmother's trash

 G's GUNS N' ROSES: Rage-sprung from the 80's

H is for HEART, representing the ladies

I's IRON MAIDEN, with dragons and gods

J's Judas Priest, and their leather-clad bods

K is for KINGHORSE: fusing metal and punk

L, LIVING COLOUR: Same thing, but with funk

M, MEGADETH: Dave Mustaine's a mad genius

N's for TED NUGENT, obsessed with his penis

O's OVERKILL, and their skullcrushing preening

P is for PUSCIFER.  All hail Maynard James Keenan! 

Q is for QUEENSRYCHE and their heartrending wails

R is for REZNOR and the great NINE INCH NAILS

S: SUICIDAL, Mike Muir will unite us

T is for TESTAMENT: gave me tinnitus

U's for URIAH HEAP, Metal pre-cursors

V is for VOIVOD: Dream Theater, but worser

W is for WHITESNAKE, and Kitaen's car-top stretchin'

X is for KING'S X: In Nebraska, with Gretchen

Y is for YNGWIE (MALMSTEEN): Guitar Hero

Z is for ZEPPELIN. Woman: one.  Fish: Zero

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