A IS FOR ALIEN: #1 in a series of pop culture primers

A is for Alien, chest-bursting bitch

B is for Belial, makes baskets twitch

C's for Chatterer, cenobite #2

D is for Damien, this hanging's for you

E is for Evil Dead, like Ash destroys

F is for Freddy, rapped with Fat Boys

G is for Graboids, Tremors' worms on the prowl

H is the Hitcher, stalking C. Thomas Howell

I is for Isaac, creepy kid priest

J is for JAWS (the first two, at least)

K is for Killdozer, killing machine

L is for Leatherface, based on Ed Gein

M's Michael Myers, a sequel approaches

N is The Nest, flesh-eating cockroaches

O is for Orca, made Richard Harris cry

P is for Pumpkinhead, killed Soleil Moon Frye

Q is for Q, flying lizard-of-prey

R is for Ricky, who shouts "Garbage Day!"

S is the Stranger, don't answer his calls

T's for The Tall Man, beware of his balls

U is for Uncle Sam, he wants you... dead

V is for Vincent, this farmer's well-fed

W's Willard, the rat devotee

X is for Xtro, unfriendly E.T.

Y's for this Yeti, King Kong inspired

Z is for Zoltan, doggy vampire

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This may give me nightmares, Kevin.