A is for AUTOMAN: #3 in a series of pop culture primers

A is for AUTOMAN, A.I. super-cop

B is BEYOND WESTWORLD, T.V. spin-off flop

C's CAPTAIN CAVEMAN, who somehow got laid

D's for DARK SHADOWS, doomed to be re-made

E's ELECTRA WOMAN, her theme song's sublime

F is for FUTURE COP, with Ernest Borgnine

G's GODZILLA series gave us "Godzooky"

H is HOLMES AND YO-YO, robot-cop dookie

I is for ISIS, both sexy and chaste

J is for JOSIE, beat Scooby to Space

K is KNIGHT RIDER, the Hoff's finest hour

L's LAND OF GIANTS, huge prop plants and flowers

M is for MANIMAL, transforms with a Grrrr-ing

N's for THE NEW PEOPLE, pilot penned by Serling

O is for ORKO, not seen in the movie

P's for THE PRISONER, that remake's a doozy

Q is for QUARK with a laugh-track in space

R's for RED DWARF, introduced a cat-race

S is SPACE '99, so very 70's

T is for THUNDARR, finally on DVDs 

U is for ULTRAMAN, where monsters were beaten

Of course V is for V, where hamsters got eaten

W's THE WIZARD lasted one season

And X is for XENA, filmed in New Zealand

Y is YOGI'S SPACE RACE, another Star Wars cash-in

Z is this ZORRO show, futuristic re-hashin'

Look for another pop culture abecedarium next week. 

note: a version of this poem appeared at the excellent SFSignal.

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