Happy Blobfest

Happy Blobfest Weekend! 

Some of you are excited about Free Slurpee Day or the new Planet of the Apes movie. 

But I'm excited to go to Phoenixville, PA -- the town where THE BLOB (1958) was filmed. 

Here's a video I made for AMC back in 2008, my first Blobfest: 

This year's theme is Kaiju, and the organizers had a "Kaiju Haiku" contest. There was a different prize each week. 

I was bummed that I didn't win the King Kong pillowcases, but delighted to learn that my haiku won the grand prize: passes to Blobfest! 

And my poem was turned into this 3-panel comic by Jason Deeble (of Monster Haiku

Here's the full schedule for this weekend's Blobfest. (including appearances by Joel Hodgson and Ghoul a Go Go) 

It's worth the trip. 

Beware of the Blob by KevinMaher

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