I watched TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D (2013) last night. 

It's like jury-duty for fans of the original. 

Anyway, there's a scene where Leatherface (aka "Jeb Sawyer") goes to a carnival and encounters a guy in a pig-mask weilding a chainsaw. 

Was this a MOTEL HELL (1980) reference or just a coincidence? 

Either way, I wish the film had taken advantage of the carny setting and made some inside jokes about Tobe Hooper's THE FUNHOUSE (1981). 

But this movie was not made for me. 

* * * 

Bonus Fun-fact: 

I was playing a game of TRIVIAL PURSUIT with my wife and the silver-screen category asked: 

What 1980's horror movie includes a climactic chainsaw duel. 

I told my wife: The answer on the card will be "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Part 2" but the REAL answer is "Motel Hell." 

I was right. You gotta know the limits of the questionnaire. 

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