The 3rd type of Shark Movie Poster: HANDS!!!

Previously I'd compared the two types of Shark movie posters (see the gallery HERE.) 

But here's another poster trope:  HANDS GRASPING FOR DEAR LIFE. 

The hands are always caucasian. And they frequently belong to men. (Otherwise the poster will show the woman in her bikini.
KINDERTRAUMA observed that GREAT WHITE's hand is the MORTUARY hand. (It appeared again on a book cover.) 

tagline: "Wave goodbye..."  Geddit?

Here's a more recent example of the trend. We even see some of the poor guy's face. 

Her left hand is up, well, probably so we can get a better view of her chest. 

Roger Corman appears to have used the same model/pose for PIRANHA and UP FROM THE DEPTHS. 
Is it supposed to be the hand of a giant? 

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