A IS FOR AEON: #5 in a series of pop culture primers

 A is for AEON, I’d tap that cartoon

B is for BETTY, with black and white poon

C’s for the CAPTAIN, patriotic and pensive

D is DICK TRACY, his sidekicks are offensive

E is for ELMER, a hunter who’s greedy

F’s for FAT ALBERT, who has diabetes

G is for GARFIELD, another fat-ass

H is for HOMER, cartoon working class

I’s INUYASHA, a Japanese flower

J is for JOSIE, with real pussy power

K is KIM POSSIBLE, more Disney jailbait

L is for LIGHTNING, made 2 films I hate

M is for MARIO, loves Italian Salami

N’s for NATASHA, Tall Sexy Commie

O’s OLIVE OIL, like a stick in a skirt

P is for PEPE, cat-molesting pervert

Q  is for Q-BERT…what the fuck is he?

R is for REN, and that eeediot Stimpy

S is for SPACE GHOST, ain’t got no pupils

T is for TAS, he lacks any scruples

U is for UNDERDOG, kicks bad guy’s asses

V is for VELMA, she loses her glasses

W’s WOODY, psychotic and silly

X  is for X-MEN, mutated and killy

Y is for YOGI, steals food when he can

Z is for ZANDOR, ripped off by He-Man

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