Wrestling A - Z

This Saturday night, Kevin Maher will be reading from Leaping Lanny Poffo's poetry collection. Get tickets HERE

And here's Kevin's poem about Wrestling A - Z 

A is for ANDRE, he has a posse

B is for BOBBY brainy and bossy

C is for CM, straight-edge represent!

D’s DIBIASE, wrestling’s 1%

E’s for ELIZABETH, sexy and sassy

F is for FREDDIE, he’s so fuckin’ classy

G is for GEORGE, green tongue eats turnbuckle

H is the HULKSTER with Fred Flintstone stubble

I’s IRON SHEIK, with crippling Camel Clutch

J is for JIMMY, who talks too damn much

K is for KING KONG who caused much commotion

L’s LEAPING LANNY, poetry in motion 

M is for MACHO, ooohh yeah, all the way

N is for NIKOLAI, hates U.S.A.!

O is for BARRY O, destined to lose

P’s for PAUL BEARER, a ghoul among ghouls

Q is for QUEEN KONG, self-proclaimed Glamazon

R’s ROWDY RODDY, put the damn glasses on! 

S is for SLAUGHTER, who became a cartoon

T is for TUGBOAT (also known as “Typhoon”)

U’s the UNDERTAKER, a death-obsessed hottie

V is for VENTURA, a Governing Body

W’s WARRIOR perfected the suplex

X is for X-PAC, (because his name starts with X) 

Y’s YOKOZUNA, a sumo belly driver

Z is for ZEUS, with the wall-eye of the tiger

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Saturday 3/23 at 8pm

at the 92Y Tribeca, 200 Hudson Street, NYC 

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