Wrestling A to Z

This Saturday night, Kevin Maher will be reading from Leaping Lanny Poffo's poetry collection at KEVIN GEEKS OUT ABOUT WRESTLING. Get tickets HERE

And here's Kevin's poem about Wrestling A to Z. 

A is for ANDRE, he has a posse

B is for BOBBY, brainy and bossy

C is for CM, straight-edge represent!

D’s DIBIASE, wrestling’s 1%

E’s for ELIZABETH, sexy and sassy

F is for FREDDIE, he’s so fuckin’ classy

G is for GEORGE, green tongue eats turnbuckle

H is the HULKSTER with Fred Flintstone stubble

I’s IRON SHEIK, with crippling Camel Clutch

J is for JIMMY, who talks too damn much

K is for KING KONG who caused much commotion

L’s LEAPING LANNY, poetry in motion 

M is for MACHO, ooohh yeah, all the way

N is for NIKOLAI, hates U.S.A.!

O is for BARRY O, destined to lose

P’s for PAUL BEARER, a ghoul among ghouls

Q is for QUEEN KONG, self-proclaimed Glamazon

R’s ROWDY RODDY, put the damn glasses on! 

S is for SLAUGHTER, who became a cartoon

T is for TUGBOAT (also known as “Typhoon”)

U’s the UNDERTAKER, a death-obsessed hottie

V is for VENTURA, a Governing Body

W’s WARRIOR perfected the suplex

X is for X-PAC, (because his name starts with X) 

Y’s YOKOZUNA, a sumo belly driver

Z is for ZEUS, with the wall-eye of the tiger

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* * *



Saturday 3/29 at 8pm

at The Alamo Drafthouse (Yonkers)

2548 Central Park Avenue
Yonkers, NY 10710

KEVIN GEEKS OUT is a live video variety show that obsesses over some of the greatest topics in pop culture. The event brings together guest experts, rare film footage and trivia prizes. Since 2008, Kevin has geeked out with 27 different shows, including Bigfoot, Robots, Video Games, Frankenstein, Dummy Deaths and Visions of the Future.

With special guests:

TOMMY DREAMER -- the innovator of violence. 

Former WWE Magazine editor Brian Solomon (author of the upcoming book PRO WRESTLING FAQ) salutes one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

Cult movie blogger Tenebrous Kate shares one of Luche Libre's weirdest films.

Author and raconteur Mike Edison on The Undertaker.

Parts Unknown resident Brandon Rohwer on tWWEEts: kayfabe in the age of social media.

Doors open at 7:30 -- there's a half-hour pre-show of videos (see below) and then the show begins at 8:00.  So come snap into the Alamo Drafthouse for this one-of-a-kind comedy show.

** 2 things to know about The Alamo Drafthouse **

1. You can get food and alcohol served during the show.  (Download the menu here!)  They'll bring it to your seat, where you'll have your own table.

2. You purchase specific seats, like you're going to a Broadway show.

Get your tickets here

Trailer #2 - Kevin Geeks Out About Wrestling from Kevin Maher on Vimeo.

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